You are considered to be overindebted when you are unable to meet your monthly debt obligations on time or in full.

Only if your existing bank account has an overdraft facility linked to it.

No, you must first settle all existing debt obligations before applying for further credit.

Yes, if you are married in Community of Property (COP) – you and your spouse are jointly and severely liable for each other debts.

No, if you are married ANC your spouse is not legally obligated to participate in the debt review application, your spouse may however elect to voluntarily participate to assist in sharing the debt burden.

All Debt Counselling related fees are included in the gross collectable, as a result no additional up front fees are payable by you.

Work on a monthly budget to control your spending, think twice before accepting any credit offered to you?

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Yes, you are well within your rights to cancel all credit provider related debit orders, we can help you with this process or you may place stop payments on all credit provider related debit orders directly with your bank.

Check your bank statements every month to ensure that you have no unauthorized debit orders running off your account (these types of issues arise more often then one thinks)